About Serendipity

By definition, serendipity implies accidental fortuity. But what if those events that seem to be random, spontaneous, and out of our control could be harnessed and used to improve our lives? What if coming across this book right now, wherever you are, is an act of serendipity?

Dr. Neil Farber uses powerful examples of serendipity from history and his own life to show you the skills you need to prepare for, recognize, and ultimately take advantage of everyday unexpected occurrences.

He teaches readers to:

  • Practice mindfulness to illuminate the real possibility of serendipity
  • Hone observational skills to recognize serendipity even its subtlest forms
  • Bring a serendipitous event to a fortuitous conclusion (and recognize when that’s not possible)

There’s a misconception that serendipity only brings fame and fortune to a few lucky individuals. And while monumental results are rare, unexpected events are happening to all of us with a great degree of frequency. Unless we cultivate these skills, the gentle nudges of potential serendipitous events, big and small, will pass us by completely.

This is your moment of serendipity. Capture it.

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